Install Bebbo GCC

0) Open terminal (if not already opened)

1) update first, if needed, (Pi3/4) using sudo apt-get update «copy

2) sudo apt install make wget git gcc g++ lhasa libgmp-dev libmpfr-dev libmpc-dev flex bison gettext texinfo ncurses-dev autoconf rsync «copy

3) git clone «copy

4) cd amiga-gcc «copy

5) make update «copy

6) sudo mkdir /opt/amiga «copy

7) sudo chgrp users /opt/amiga «copy

8) sudo chmod 775 /opt/amiga «copy

9) sudo usermod -a -G users ChangeToYourUserName «copy

10) make clean «copy

11) make clean-prefix «copy

12) This step can take up to 60 minutes on Pi 4(maybe x2 on Pi 3)! make all NDK=3.2 -j4 «copy

13) make all-sdk «copy

14) cd ..


1) cmake is needed, so install / build if not present sudo apt install cmake «copy

How to build cmake for Ubuntu / Raspberry Pi?

Click here for more details
! Step 6 takes ~14 minutes and step 7 takes ~46 minutes on Pi 4 !

0) first remove cmake if it's installed sudo apt-get remove cmake «copy

1) sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev «copy

2) cd ~ «copy

3) wget «copy

4) tar -zxvf cmake-3.22.2.tar.gz «copy

5) cd cmake-3.22.2 «copy

6) ./bootstrap «copy

7) gmake «copy

8) sudo make install «copy

9) sudo reboot «copy

*) to uninstall in the future use sudo make uninstall from same folder «copy

VASM modules

1) (change 3.18 to your installed version) cd /usr/share/cmake-3.18/Modules/ «copy

*) or this location if above does not exist (change 3.22 to your installed version) cd /usr/local/share/cmake-3.22/Modules/ «copy

2) sudo wget «copy

3) sudo wget «copy

4) sudo wget «copy

WiFi files (needed for Emu68-tools)

1) cd /opt/amiga/m68k-amigaos/include/devices «copy

2) wget «copy

3) wget «copy


1) cd ~ «copy

2) git clone «copy

3) cd Emu68-tools «copy

4) git submodule update --init --remote --recursive --merge «copy

5) mkdir build install «copy

6) cd build «copy

7) cmake .. -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/toolchain.cmake -DTOOLCHAIN_PATH=/opt/amiga «copy

8) make «copy

Tweaks (under construction)



Convert binary to .h files

1) cd 68040.library xxd -i 68040.bin 68040.h «copy

2) cd devicetree.resource xxd -i devicetree.bin devicetree.h «copy

3) cd sdcard.device xxd -i brcm-sdhc.bin sdcard.h «copy

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